Celebrating Baby Britton with a Vibrant Holi Powder Maternity Session

All week long I’ve been planning on blogging pictures from this maternity/family session, which has to be one of my all time favorites! We had so much FUN!  But what better day to post this than the day that Baby Britton decided to make her appearance (albeit a few weeks early)!

Christie wanted to use the colored holi powder to make this session full of vibrant color, and I LOVE how these turned out and how much fun we had shooting this session. When you see these photos I think you will agree that only one word sums up this sweet family and their excitement for the addition of sweet baby Britton- JOY! No wonder she just couldn’t wait to be here with them 🙂

Happy Birth Day Britton!

ventura county senior  photographer-0002


ventura county senior  photographer-0062


ventura county senior  photographer-0082


ventura county senior  photographer-0137


ventura county senior  photographer-0208


ventura county senior  photographer-0285


ventura county senior  photographer-0264


ventura county senior  photographer-0440

ventura county senior  photographer-0406

ventura county senior  photographer-0398

ventura county senior  photographer-0375

ventura county senior  photographer-0371

ventura county senior  photographer-0330

ventura county senior  photographer-0314





ventura county senior  photographer-0496





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